Geoffrey Dean, PGA Golf Instructor

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Director of Instruction offers lessons at at the Escena Golf Club, in Palm Springs, California and College of the Desert Practice Center in Palm Desert, California. Geoffrey has been in the golf business for 25 years, has competed among the best players in the world and has created a unique teaching program for golfers of Read more about Geoffrey Dean, PGA Golf Instructor[…]

Your Driver!!! Accuracy is always better than Distance?

The Golf Industry today has pushed the limits on driver designs relative to distance.  The COR or coefficient of restitution is a term to describe a club’s ability to rebound the golf ball off the face of the club. The USGA and the R&A have limits on a clubs ability to advance the ball forward.  So, you will see a lot Read more about Your Driver!!! Accuracy is always better than Distance?[…]