October 25, 2016

Coaching Seminars

Geoff Dean, PGA Coaching Seminars

The Experience

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Coaching Seminars are 1 and 2 day coaching experiences that showcase the amazing game of golf and how, through golf principles, both physical and mental, provide a gateway your better self.

Who is the experience for?

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Coaching Seminars are for anyone interested in self improvement.  My seminars are specifically tailored for YOUR group audience.  I conduct a thorough history and research of your group, highlight strengths and weaknesses and develop a program designed for YOUR self mastery. I provide this experience for country club golfers, PGA/LPGA Professionals, organizations and corporations.

What will you experience?

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Coaching Seminars are broken down into 4 parts.  You will experience a baseline of information in a classroom setting, you will learn physical and mental mastery techniques at the practice range, you will implement those techniques on-course and lastly, you will have a wrap-up Q&A session to reinforce what you’ve learned.   After the seminar, each participant will receive a “personal action plan for success” which includes the following:

1. How to Prepare for golf/life
2. How to Physically Train
3. How to Prepare Mentally,
4. How to Practice
5. How to Execute your Action Plan 


Geoffrey Dean, PGA Coaching Seminars provide a wide range of benefits for each individual.  

Individuals are given:
A different perspective on how to thrive and have joy in difficult situations
The Tools to take a complex challenge and break it down into a manageable parts.
Expertise that will enhance your ability to perform physically and mentally
Additional Tools to manage the real-time and ever-changing landscape of golf, life and business
A Framework to apply learned skills for Peak Performance

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