Golf Lesson Testimonials!!!!

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Golf Instructor at SilverRock Resort

Geoffrey Dean, PGA Golf Coach – PGA West Golf Academy



It’s always a great feeling to get positive testimonials from your students.  It’s direct feedback that your efforts are working.  I’m blessed to give of what I know and I’m so pleased I’ve been able to help my students.  Here are a couple for your viewing!





Thank you again for the lesson yesterday on short notice. I just came back from the practise range and wanted to let you know that the “close eyes and feel” drill that you have developed is the single most powerful learning tool I have ever learned in golf.

~ Rick Mari, B.C Canada

Great news. I shot my lowest score ever…Great feeling and I really enjoyed the experience.
The best part was the mental game.  Just as you had said. On every shot I felt like “I know what to do here. I know how to do this and I know I can make it – I’ve done this before.” Confidence makes a huge difference.
I loved your clinics, and obviously I have been able to take some of it to the course. I think it is a great concept and the philosophy of explaining, demonstrating, and execution works  for me.  Really added to the whole positive experience. Thanks again Geoff.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing me soon. That’s what’s great about golf – you’re never too good to improve.

~ Jim Stark La Quinta, CA



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